If eating healthy was easy, everyone would do it. You could buy a book on nutrition, read it, and readily incorporate it into everyday life.  For some people that scenario is possible, but not for the majority of us.  Nutritional counseling is about weeding through all the information and misinformation and forming a diet and meal plan for your body and your unique lifestyle.  It's about empowerment, fortifying you with the knowledge you need to make healthy choices everyday. 


During the initial intake, you can expect a very thorough evaluation of your health concerns, health and diet history, and health goals.  If appropriate, other questionnaires might be used to better pinpoint underlying issues.  These evaluations and conversations are used to create your individualized meal plan and lifestyle recommendations.

Follow-up sessions are mini check-ups.  What has been the biggest success?  What has been the hardest to change?  Any questions or concerns are addressed, diet tweaks are implemented.  You leave each session with an action plan including foods to try or foods to eliminate, suggested supplements or herbs, recommended reading for deeper understanding, or a referral to another alternative practitioner to better round-out your healing process.  

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